Friday, April 12, 2013

Rockford Voted. Sort Of.

The results of Tuesday's mayoral election was no surprise here in Rockford. Slightly more than 20% of eligible voters did vote, and less than fifty percent of those voted for the incumbent, Larry Morrissey. But that was enough. 

What was a slight surprise was the turnover on the City Council. Several incumbents were turned out, but fortunately we're going to see some welcome new faces like 3rd Ward Alderman Tom McNamara. 

So, business (excuse me, lack of business) as usual here in Rockford for four more years. 

The mayor held his victory celebration at The District, a douchebag bag most people i know would never set foot in. It's a fitting location, considering it sits in the same building as Paragon, a bar that cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in still unpaid loans. It was a bar the douchebags also loved, and touted it as a great example of something classy in Downtown. What it was, and what The District is, are further examples of corruption and reach-around deals putting unearned and undeserved money in the pockets of those who support the mayor. The District will be out of business within five years, and those who receive taxpayer benefits, including the family of one of the mayor's largest campaign contributors, will pocket that money and move onto something else they can fuck up. 

I don't really have as much of a distaste for the corruption as it might seem, but since almost no one else seems to have any at all, I feel compelled to at least point out this place needs an enema. The petit bourgeoisie always look vaguely hemophiliac and besotted to me. Ashen and debauched. Hoglike. It's possible we will see investigations and indictments within the next four years, but Rockford serves a couple of functions regionally and even internationally that are overlooked and are major factors mitigating against change. The first is the heroin trade. Rockford is one of the main hubs for heroin traffic in the Midwest. You can't have that kind of operation going without a lot of people looking the other way. I don't have much of an opinion about the heroin trade, either. It just is. 

Rockford is also a sort of municipal toxic dump. Most citizens are unaware of it, but a big industry around here is accepting other peoples' garbage. It's a harsh statement when you're discussing human beings, but rather accurate. So, we have some wings of the cheerleading department making these hollow pronouncements that Rockford is great and the other wing encouraging the misery to continue because it's damn big business and keeps the funds rolling in. 

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