Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Rockford Labor News Ceases Publication After 101 Years

After 101 years of being the voice of labor in Rockford, The Rockford Labor news dropped off its final issue April 12th, and will publish no more. Owners Don and Mary Brady, who recently celebrated their 60th year of marriage, often worked seven days a week keeping the paper going throughout the years, but finding no one interested in carrying on their work, folded operations.

Makes sense. In a city once renowned for making things, and now known more for its incredibly high violent crime and unemployment rates, a paper touting the working person simply is no longer needed. Hasn't been for over 25 years.

Sure, there are still union members in this area that make a good wage based on decades of organizers and brave union members getting their heads cracked open so they can reap the benefits and vote Republican, but none of them seem to know how or why they have a health insurance plan.

Like Rockford Labor, The Rockford Labor News is antiquated. Union members sat on their asses during Tuesday's elections, and as far as I'm concerned they can just keep sitting on those fat asses as Morrissey dismantles the Fire and Police unions, then goes for municipal workers. Labor doesn't need a newspaper to be its voice anymore in this city because it already has a voice... an overly-satisfied grunt of an overstuffed pig un aware it is being led to the slaughterhouse. if you did not create, and you do not zealously defend the unions that take care of you and your family, there are plenty of people perfectly happy to see them taken away from you.

Goodbye Rockford Labor News. You have been irrelevant for a quarter of a century, but your efforts were noble. 

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