Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There's Nothing Confusing About a Roundabout

I love to hear it when macho men say something like "There's nothing confusing about a roundabout." These are usually the same Type A jackholes who think it's funny to drive full speed in an ice storm, then go home and complain on Facebook that everyone is driving like a little old lady. There were multiple fatal cat crashes in Rockford yesterday, so safety is an issue here just like everywhere else in the world. 

We took the kids over to see the demolition of Main Street last week to make way for the roundabout at Main and Auburn. I'm not sure if it will be a good thing or not, but I know anyone who doesn't allow that it will be confusing to many people at first is a fool. I remember initially it was the Walgreens corporation that pushed the city to tear down several businesses at Main and Auburn whether they liked it or not, which Bobby Salamone at North Main Tavern did not. I drank in that bar for several years and he would come in on occasion and play the spoons or pump several hundred dollars into the video poker machine. I remember hearing Walgreens had offered the family a number that seemed rather generous. I wonder what they got from the city. After the city went to all that effort Walgreens took a pass. 

Nothing confusing about that. The city obviously has something in mind here and on Morgan Street. I think it might be entertaining to get a frosty beverage and go sit at the intersection of Main and Auburn once they get this roundabout in place. There's nothing confusing about Rockford. 

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