Friday, May 3, 2013

Racism In Rockford As Told By Screen Shots

I'm going to stand back and let the citizens of Rockford speak for themselves on this one. Keep in mind the housing complex they are referring to is a few blocks from where I live and is beautiful and a great new addition to a neighborhood that has a great potential to rebound and thrive. Most of them have most likely never been there. Screen shot number one, for your viewing displeasure...

None of these inbreds seemed to know or care that what the CEO of the RHA is true, and this is a complex for the elderly and disabled.
But none of that seems to matter. These are people who are angry that are fat, stupid, and poor, and have to work crappy jobs on top of that to finance their unfortunate habit of breeding and creating more fat, stupid, and ugly creatures. 

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  1. There are a lot of arguments about welfare fraud. Furthermore, if you've ever watched American History X, that stuff with Mexicans receiving free benefits did happen back in the 1990s.

    Welfare fraud, in my view, is a person who claims to be disabled but has enough mental and physical ability to work as a full-time employee without the need for welfare checks from the U.S. or State government. Of course, the elderly are a different category and guaranteed various rights due to social security and whatever plans were made in the past for those 60+ individuals.

    Rockford, IL has a lot of welfare recipients. Chicago, IL has a fair amount of them, too. A lot came to Rockford, IL after the housing projects in Chicago, IL were closed down. BUT a key thing to consider is if people are really disabled, right?