Sunday, July 28, 2013

You Only Brought a Taser, an Ax Handle, and Brass Knuckles To a Fist Fight?

When 14 Hell's Angels were recently arrested for a rather vicious 14 on 1 beating and robbery, committed in the presence of an 11 year old girl who was being forcible restrained, the public didn't seem very outraged at all. In fact, they didn't see why members of a benevolent club were being harassed this way. Here's an account of that crime from The Rockford Register Star.

ROCKFORD — All 14 suspected Hells Angels sought by authorities in connection with a June 27 beating and armed robbery of a Rockford area man are in police custody.

Chicago Police Department officers arrested a 13th man, Jose Vielma of Countryside, on Friday night. The last of those sought, Christopher L. Lawson, 39, who was previously listed as at-large, turned himself in to Rockford authorities Sunday.

Lt. Marc Welsh said police began to investigate the case after a man was treated at an area hospital for injuries consistent with a severe beating. Seventeenth Circuit Court Judge Ronald White authorized the arrests after being consulted late Thursday night.

Court documents say the victim, whose most recent entry in online records lists a Machesney Park address, was attacked by the 14 men who allegedly conspired together to beat and rob him.

One man hit him with an ax handle, another struck him with brass knuckles and two men started a fire in an attempt to burn evidence of the beating, court documents say. He was punched by three men, tasered, struck with a hammer and stabbed with a knife.

They stole his wallet, keys and white GMC 

An 11-year-old girl, whose relationship to the victim was not been specified by authorities, was held against her will while the victim was attacked, court documents say.

Seems like most of the people of Rockford don't have a problem with that. But this afternoon when an almost identical crime came across the Scanner...

14 suspects beating up 1 female victim near the 10th ave park

The comments were of quite a different color...

Which left me scratching my head, wondering , which is it? Is this type of violence alright, or not. Or is it only alright when certain people do it? Now you don't have to peel back the poopblossom very far to detect the virulent racism that permeates the soul of this city like a malignant tumor. While the rest of the world tries to move on into this new millenium, Rockford stays behind, and festers. 

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  1. When I was in Chicago, IL, I came to understand the concept of a "female mafia." Well, the "female mafia" was more related to college/university areas where females of an age range would grab up particular properties, thus pushing out males from having particular properties. However, it's not against housing law for people to have gender specific residences, for what I recall.

    Nonetheless, Rockford, IL has this whole "omg, it's a woman! feel pity for her! she's a defenseless victim! omg!"

    Pfft. There is a lot of gender bias in Rockford, IL. The family courts are also really skewed here. Not only that, but I've read the men in Rockford, IL make significantly different amounts of money than women in Rockford, IL. As such, I believe there may be some level of unconscious group discrimination against men by women, thus leading women to have discriminatory, hateful, and biased views against the suffering of men in Rockford, IL.

    I've known a few Hell's Angels, though. I could probably join if I wanted. Some of them have a history of drug usage. However, they generally keep to themselves. Nonetheless, the law has the concept of using reasonable force in self-defense, which the Rockford, IL people seem to be really absent from understanding: You can easily understand how ignorant the Rockford, IL people are who are discussing things in reference to the Hell's Angels.

    This is one more example of how ignorant people are in Rockford, IL. I understand that there is a level of victim-blaming that occurs, that sometimes may be justified to an extent: provocation argument. But these Facebook posts show how ignorant and biased people are.

    If the controversy is about a woman, people freak out. If it's about a male, the women don't care.