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Scott Lively Charged With Crimes Against Humanity. What Is the Rockford Institute?

Scott Lively is the man who is the architect of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act, better known as the "Kill the Gays" bill. In America Lively is not very well known, but in other parts of the world that have suffered from his bigotry and hatred, he is remembered all too well. So much so, a 2012 lawsuit accusing him of crimes against humanity was filed in Massachusetts. I don't know anyone who has ever been charged with crimes against humanity. 

Lively also goes to Russia quite frequently. His last trip was prompted by a meeting of a planning committee for the World Congress of Families summit which will be held in Moscow next year. The organization, based in Rockford, Ill., convenes meetings of social conservatives from the U.S. and abroad to exchange ideas on topics such as combating LGBT rights and reproductive rights. One of their leaders also recently appeared in Serbia to celebrate the country’s ban on a planned LGBT pride march.

Rewind that. What? The World Congress of Families, based in Rockford, Illinois? Are you telling me a monster who was just charged with crimes against humanity, a man who travels the world trying to convince foreign leaders that gays should be exterminated, is associated with a think tank based right here in Rockford, Illinois?

That seems like a big story. I wonder what the local media had to say about it...

Not a damn thing. Several attempts by The Rockford Blog to encourage local media outlets, both print and media, were ignored, and the story was not covered at all.

The World Congress of Families sits next door to The Rockford Institute on N. Main Street. The Rockford Institute, a think tank that was once evicted from a New York City office building for anti-semitism, and which the Southern Poverty Law Center has added to both their watch list of most rabidly anti-gay and racist organizations.

You mean to tell me the same World Congress of Families that sits non-descriptly on Main Street in Rockford, Illinois, is pumping out hate-filled tracts, and sending emissaries all over the world in the name of exterminating gays? 

Yes, that's exactly what they do in that building. 

And now one of their emissaries has been charged with crimes against humanity. But that's not even enough to warrant a news story in Rockford. 

There are many separate attempts afoot to improve Rockford, attract young, talented professionals to live here, and to bring a better quality of life to those who have been here all along. In my opinion there's no way that can happen when we have cancerous nests of hate and ignorance like The World Congress of Families and The Rockford Institute operating right in the heart of our city.

You might think the Rockford Institute and The World Congress of Families, is shunned in the community. Persona non grata. And you'd be wrong. These are respected members of the community, participating fully and freely without any form of censor or ridicule. 

That can't be the case in a city with the history of racism Rockford has. If we ever want to shed the terrible reputation that has led the national media to brand us as one of America's fattest, dumbest, most violent, miserable cities, we can't just keep sweeping these vestiges of a long-gone America under the rug.

The Rockford Blog should not be the only local media outlet that wrote about this story. Shame on you.

Update: Technically, the Rockford Institute and The World Congress of Families are different entities, both founded by John Howard and Allan Carlson 

The Rockford Institute publishes a blog named Chronicles. I'll let them speak for themselves. Thugs and Tarbabies from Chronicles.

From Ms. Magazine, of all places:

The WCF originally hailed from Rockford, Ill., where The Rockford Institute — which begat the WCF’s main organizer, The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society — was founded in 1976 by John A. Howard to represent “the authentic voice of the American Heartland.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified it as “paleo-conservative,” exposing its links to hate groups like the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens.
By 1995, the Institute, under the leadership of its then-president, Allan Carlson, began planning the World Congress of Families.
Its guiding idea was to try and reshape the international political landscape around issues of family and sexuality by forming an international coalition of right-wing secular and religious organizations. Two years later, there was enough support and funding for a first congress, in Prague.

That same year, Carlson broke with The Rockford Institute to form The Howard Center (named for Rockford’s founder), which became the sponsor and host of all subsequent congresses. The Howard Center’s stated mission is to provide research demonstrating that the natural family and religion are the bedrock of modern society. -Gillian Kane

Rockford Institute publishes hate column by Taki Theodoracopulos- Adam Holland

April 3, 2017 update: According to a Huffington Post story of April 2, 2017, gay men between the ages of 16-50 have begun being rounded up in Chechnya, and at least three have been killed. This is all done under the umbrella regulations of the anti-gay law worked on by guess who? 

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  1. via 1993 article from Rock River Times:

    "The Rockford Institute has selected Frank Schier to be the third recipient of its highest honor, the Good and Faithful Servant Award... who will be joined by Larry Morrissey, Owen Phelps, Stanley Campbell and Michael Leifheit in hosting this event to honor Mr. Schier."