Friday, April 15, 2016

Hot N Heavy Hot Sauces Burning Up the Shelves In Rockford

If you're out and about for Spring Art Scene tomorrow you can unlock the elusive triple buy local achievement by buying some Hot N Heavy Hot Sauces at Olive Oil Experience or Culture Shock when you're also browsing the racks at Record Store Day. Wow, if you bought a Cheap Trick record it might actually count as a quadruple buy it now experience. 

Hot N Heavy comes in three varieties.

Our premium Cajun Cayenne sauce comes straight from the swamp to bring fresh flavor and hollerin’ heat to whatever you’ve got a mind to eat! We mix together garlic, onion and vinegar and then spike it with Cayenne and Habanero Chile to bite your tail! Nice complex flavor goes good with just about anything, but it’s great on eggs and fried food…especially gator! Headbangers, hillbillies and everyone in between needs some Bayou in a Bottle!

This angel will kick you right in the pants and SLAY you with a fiery blast that’s heavy on the garlic. A green elixir made with the purest ingredients…garlic, vinegar, salt, lime and a combo of Serrano and Habanero Chile. That’s it! A little dash of this and it will be RAINING GARLIC…from a lacerated sky! BANG ON!

Only the bravest souls will dare to sample this infernal brew that comes straight from the depths of a black metal hell! There’s also a nice smoky long lasting finish to this brimstone brew so you get maximum flavor as well as maximum heat. A pure mixture of Naga Jolokia Chile with salt and vinegar is all it takes to burn this sucker to the ground. HAIL BEEZLEBUB and pass the hot sauce!

I say triple buy local bonus because these awesome labels were designed by Jenny Mathews of Rockford Illustrating. Making this a rare opportunity to support three different local entrepeneurs at the same time, and get some atomic hot sauce in the bargain. Get them now at both Olive Oil Experience locations and Culture Shock.

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